Happy Valentine’s Day!

I certainly celebrated Valentine’s Day today! Just not in the “usual” fashion. As I currently do not have a “significant other,” I decided to re-think this holiday.

Outside of the Hallmark and pornography industry’s efforts to turn this into some sleazy, consumeristic day, I decided that the real intent of the holiday was to celebrate love. So, I endeavored to do just that. I was more consciously loving to my neighbors and more considerate of others. I bought presents for some friends. I went to Confession to reconcile myself to the one who is love. And in combination with carrying out my penance, I tried to act in a loving manner toward myself. I had some chocolate (in the form of an iced mocha) and some coffee-covered almonds (thank you, Starbucks). I rested from cooking duties and had a lovely dinner of Cheerios (see below post). I read 2 of my newly-acquired library books and made notes on one of them (as part of my penance). And I allowed myself to not feel pressured over what I did and did not get accomplished today. I even got to spend time with a good friend! 🙂

A pretty good Valentine’s day, as I see it. I hope that all of your Valentine’s days were also good and brought love into your life, in whatever form that took.

God bless you all!

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