Oh. That’s What They Mean.

Last oil change, guy says, “Your tires are in the red. So, next oil change, you should probably get new ones.”
Then, postcard comes in the mail. “Your tires need to be replaced IMMEDIATELY.”
Huh. Well, the guy said, next oil change. I got like 7,500 miles, right?
Stacy comes over, tell her about the tires, she’s skeptical if they really need replacing already. Looks. Says, “Yeah you do!”
Time passes.
Figures speeding ticket must be due to the influence of the nice racing slicks I’m developing. 🙂
Did you know that if your tires have no tread, your car tends to fly off the road?
I found that out.
I guess “red” = “bad”….

It’s supposed to rain the next several days.

— Broken McSickyPants, formerly Zoomie Vroom McLawBreaker

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