Funniest Doctor’s Appointment Ever!

She’s trying to figure me out, see where to send me next. Debating between Endocrine and Neurology. Finally she says Endocrine first, “because they have more curable diseases.”

We talk for a couple minutes more, then she says she will have U of M call me with the appt. I verify, “Okay, Endocrine, right?”

She says, “No. Neurology. I changed my mind. You could just be really brain damaged.”

I laugh and laugh.

She says, “I’m sorry. That’s a horrible thing to say. But you seem to have a sense of humor.”


So soon they will see just how brain damaged I am! 🙂

She said on the way out the door, “You have to be careful when you call here; my staff keeps wanting to send you to the ER.”

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