Which Mass is Your Favorite?

…  Because, of course, we have to rank these things, right?

I think my ranking will have to be:
1. Easter Vigil
2. Easter/Christmas
3. Chrism Mass
4. Palm Sunday
5. Priest Ordination (I haven’t been to one yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to rank high)
6. Midnight Mass for Mary, Jan. 1st
7. Lord’s Supper Mass/Tre Ore

Why does the question of ranking come up? Well, I was just reflecting on how excited I was that Chrism Mass is ALMOST HERE!!! 🙂

I’m sure Priest Ordination is going to be awesome! I mean, just think of the squee of New Priest! Awww!!! So precious. There’s something about that indelible mark on their soul and being conformed ontologically to Christ. *grin*

Why is Chrism Mass so special for me? There’s quite a few reasons, actually.
1. That smell! Yum! There’s something special about Holy Chrism that just smells like…home. 🙂 *bliss*
— That’s hundreds of reasons right there!

Holy Week.
In just a few days!

I’ll get Palm Sunday, (Seder dinner), Chrism Mass, Lord’s Supper Mass, Pub Crawl of the Altars of Repose, Midnight Benediction, Tre Ore, Tenebrae, Easter Vigil Mass and Easter Mass.

Could there ever, ever be a better week??

I don’t think so.

At least, until the Lord comes again. 🙂

God Bless you all and have an amazing, solemn and joyful Holy Week!!!

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