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Word of the Day! St. Abbo

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

Another catholidorkerrific idea from Yours Truly! πŸ™‚

I was looking at that nice, big Christian dictionary on my shelf and thought about what a shame it was that I didn’t pull it out more often. Then, I was struck with an idea! I had been toying with the concept of reading it from cover to cover, but really, what is the fun in that if you cannot share your findings with friends? So I thought that I would bless you nice folk with the fruits of my reading and select a “word of the day” — something that piques my interest or an entry with which I was previously unfamiliar. I won’t recreate the entire entry, but just lay out some basics.

Let’s get started! πŸ™‚

St. Abbo

  • c. 945 – 1004
  • Abbot of Fleury, France
  • Helped in the restoration of monasticism in England
  • Notable works: Β Passio S. Eadmundi and Quaestiones Grammaticales
  • Supported the Cluniac Reform, was an ardent defender of Papal authority and the freedom of monasteries from episcopal and secular interference
  • He was killed in a revolt occasioned by the reform of a priory
  • He also wrote on logic, math, astronomy and the lives of the Popes
  • Feast day: Β 13 Nov

A Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

A Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan by Father John McCloskey
Titles highlighted in green are ones I own. If I’ve read it, the date of completion will follow the entry.

Catechism of the Catholic Church – Catholicism Explained/Theology
Adams – The Spirit of Catholicism – Catholicism Explained/Theology
Augustine – City of God – Spiritual Classics
Augustine – Confessions of St. Augustine – Spiritual Classics
Aumann – Spiritual Theology – Spiritual Reading
Baur – Frequent Confession – Spiritual Reading
Baur – In Silence with God – Spiritual Reading
Belloc – The Great Heresies – History and Culture
Belloc – How The Reformation Happened – History and Culture
Belloc – Survivals and New Arrivals – History and Culture
Benedict XVI – Opera Omnia – Misc
Benson – Lord of the World – Literary Classics
Bernanos – The Diary of a Country Priest – Literary Classics
Bouyer – Spirit and Forms of Protestantism – Catholicism Explained/Theology
Boylan – Difficulties in Mental Prayer – Spiritual Reading
Boylan – Tremendous Lover – Spiritual Reading
Burke – Covenanted Happiness – Spiritual Reading
Carroll – History of Christendom (All Volumes) – History and Culture
St. Catherine – Little Talks with God (modernized version of “The Dialogues”) – Spiritual Classics
Cervantes – Don Quixote – Literary Classics
Chautard – Soul of Apostolate – Spiritual Reading
Chesterton – Everlasting Man – Spiritual Classics
Chesterton – Orthodoxy – Spiritual Classics
Chesterton – St. Thomas Aquinas
Chesterton – St. Francis of Assisi – Holy Men and Women
Chevrot – Simon Peter
Cizek – He Leadeth Me – Spiritual Reading Β 4/7/2011
Crocker – Triumph – History and Culture
Caussaude – Abandonment to Divine Providence – Spiritual Reading
Dante – Divine Comedy – Literary Classics
Dawson – Christianity and European Culture – History and Culture
Day – Long Loneliness – Holy Men and Women
de la Palma – The Sacred Passion – Spiritual Reading
de Sales – Introduction to Devout Life – Spiritual Reading
de Sales – Treatise on the Love of God – Spiritual Reading
d’Elbee – I Believe in Love – Spiritual Reading
Eliot – Christianity and Culture – Literary Classics
Endo – Silence – Literary Classics
Enzler – My Other Self – Misc
Escriva – Christ is Passing By – Spiritual Reading
Escriva – Way, Furrow, Forge – Spiritual Reading
Escriva – Way of the Cross – Spiritual Reading
Faber – All for Jesus – Spiritual Reading
Garrigou-Lagrange – Three Ages of Interior Life, I – Spiritual Reading
Garrigou-Lagrange – Three Ages of Interior Life, II – Spiritual Reading
Granada – Sinner’s Guide – Spiritual Reading
Guardini – The Lord
Guardini – End of the Modern World – History and Culture
Hahn – Rome Sweet Home – Catholicism Explained/Theology
Hannam – God’s Philosophers – History
Hildebrand – Transformation
Hildebrand – The Privilege of Being a Woman
Holzner – Paul of Tarsus – Spiritual Reading
Hopkins – Hopkins: Poetry and Prose – Literary Classics
John XXIII – Journal of a Soul – Holy Men and Women
John of the Cross – Dark Night of the Soul – Spiritual Classics
John Paul II – Opera Omnia – Misc
Kelly – Rediscovering Catholicism – Spiritual Reading 2/2/2011
Kempis – The Imitation of Christ – Spiritual Reading
Knox – Enthusiasm – History and Culture
Kreeft – Christianity for Modern Pagans – Catholicism Explained/Theology
Leclercq – Love of Learning and the Desire for God – History and Culture
Lewis – Problem with Pain – Spiritual Classics 7/18/2009
Lewis – Mere Christianity – Spiritual Classics 6/30/2009
Lewis – Screwtape Letters – Spiritual Classics 11/16/2007
Liguori – 12 Steps to Holiness and Salvation – Spiritual Reading
Liguori – The Practice of the Love of God – Spiritual Reading
Liguori – Uniformity with God’s Will – Spiritual Reading
Martinez – True Devotion to the Holy Spirit – Spiritual Reading
Montfort – True Devotion – Spiritual Reading
Lovasik – The Hidden Power of Kindness – Spiritual Reading
Manzoni – Betrothed – Spiritual Reading
Masson – Companion Guide to Rome – Misc
Merton – Seven Storey Mountain – Holy Men and Women
Monti – King’s Good Servant but God’s First
More – Sadness of Christ – Spiritual Reading
Muggeridge – Something Beautiful for God – Holy Men and Women
Neuhaus – Catholic Matters – Misc. 9/26/2010
Newman – Apologia Pro Vita Sua – Holy Men and Women
Newman – Essay on Development of Christian Doctrine – Catholicism Explained/Theology
Newman – Idea of a University – Literary Classics
Newman – The Rule of Our Warfare
O’Connor – Flannery O’Connor: Complete Stories – Literary Classics
Ott – Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma – Catholicism Explained/Theology
Oursler – The Greatest Story Ever Told – Spiritual Classics
Percy – Lost in Cosmos – Literary Classics
Percy – Love in the Ruins – Literary Classic
Perquin – Abba Father – Spiritual Reading
Pieper – The Four Cardinal Virtues – Catholicism Explained/Theology
Phillipe – Opera Omnia
Plus – Winning Souls for Christ – Spiritual Reading
Rice – 50 Questions on the Natural Law – Misc.
Rohrbach – Conversation with Christ – Spiritual Reading
Scupoli – Spiritual Combat – Spiritual Reading
Sertillanges – Intellectual Life – Misc
Sheed – Theology for Beginners – Spiritual Reading
Sheed – To Know Christ Jesus – Spiritual Reading
Sheen – Life of Christ – Spiritual Reading
Sheen – Three to Get Married – Spiritual Reading
Sienkiewicz – Quo Vadis – Literary Classics
Stein – Woman – Misc
Suarez – Mary of Nazareth – Holy Men and Women
Tanqueray – Spiritual Life – Spiritual Reading
Mother Teresa – Meditations from a Simple Path – Spiritual Classics
St. Teresa of Avila – Interior Castle – Spiritual Classics
Teresa of Avila-Way of Perfection – Spiritual Classics
St. Therese of Lisieux – Story of a Soul – Spiritual Classics
St. Thomas Aquinas – My Way of Life – Spiritual Classics
Tolkien – Lord of Rings – Literary Classics
Trochu – Cure of Ars – Holy Men and Women
Kristen Lavransdatter 1 – Literary Classics
Kristen Lavransdatter 2 – Literary Classics
Kristen Lavransdatter 3 – Literary Classics
Vann – The Divine Pity
Walsh – Our Lady of Fatima – History and Culture
Waugh – Brideshead Revisited – Literary Classics
Wegemer – Thomas More – Holy Men and Women
Weigel – Witness to Hope – Holy Men and Women