Oh the Things You Find…

I was in my garage looking for my A&P textbook this morning.  I didn’t find it, but I *did* find “Principles of Gene Manipulation.”  I took it inside the house and was flipping through it when I found a scrap of paper that I had apparently used as a bookmark.

Jonathan Zezulka

Someone’s address on the USS Hancock.  I have no idea how, where or when I met Jonathan.  Now, I’m curious…  So I pop onto Facebook and search for his name.  No luck.  I search Google — I know, it’s a long shot, but his last name doesn’t seem common so there’s a chance.

Well, I *did* find something.  Apparently, he was married and his wife died while he was stationed in Iraq.  😦  How horrible!  I can’t imagine that pain.

He has a profile up on one of the Veterans sites, stating that not only was he on the Hancock, but he was an Electrician’s Mate from NNPTC Orlando.  So, he was a Nuke, like me.  Did I know him in Nuke school?  Did I meet him in Jacksonville?  In Norfolk?  Puerto Rico?  Hawaii?

I’m still curious.  I’d like to run into him again and catch up on things.  🙂  Fr. JJ always says there’s no such thing as a coincidence….  I wonder what this means….  🙂

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