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How to Make an Easter Basket for Priests

Making an Easter basket for priests is a very involved process…. One to be undertaken only after serious prayer and reflection, with love, charity and God’s grace! 🙂

1. Start with a boy-colored basket.

2. Add boy-colored, non-sparkly Easter basket grass.

3. Add golf balls (or other sports-related items).

4. Add carrot shaped plastic Easter eggs, which will contain verses of Scripture and prayers.

5. CANDY! (In this case, Mary Janes becausewe are going retro)

6. More CANDY! (Again, retro lemon drops because I know they will get a boatload of chocolate)

7. Make sure everyone gets an identical serving. We don’t want any fighting, after all! 😉

Oh the Things You Find…

I was in my garage looking for my A&P textbook this morning.  I didn’t find it, but I *did* find “Principles of Gene Manipulation.”  I took it inside the house and was flipping through it when I found a scrap of paper that I had apparently used as a bookmark.

Jonathan Zezulka

Someone’s address on the USS Hancock.  I have no idea how, where or when I met Jonathan.  Now, I’m curious…  So I pop onto Facebook and search for his name.  No luck.  I search Google — I know, it’s a long shot, but his last name doesn’t seem common so there’s a chance.

Well, I *did* find something.  Apparently, he was married and his wife died while he was stationed in Iraq.  😦  How horrible!  I can’t imagine that pain.

He has a profile up on one of the Veterans sites, stating that not only was he on the Hancock, but he was an Electrician’s Mate from NNPTC Orlando.  So, he was a Nuke, like me.  Did I know him in Nuke school?  Did I meet him in Jacksonville?  In Norfolk?  Puerto Rico?  Hawaii?

I’m still curious.  I’d like to run into him again and catch up on things.  🙂  Fr. JJ always says there’s no such thing as a coincidence….  I wonder what this means….  🙂

Warning: Morally Offensive! But SO Funny!

Okay, she swears constantly. The USCCB would not only label it morally offensive, but underline that and write it in all caps. Yet. This post is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time!


She speaks truth. This world needs more real men. (My conception of a real man is going to differ, however. 🙂 )

The 2012 Man Requirement List