Daily Archives: October 4, 2013

Soul Food

Sometimes, I have the best conversations at work.

Like today. Since it’s a pay day, we usually try to order out for lunch. About 10 am, the IMs start flying, trying to determine what we are going to order.

I am not really familiar with soul food, but many of my co-workers are. For a pot luck one day last winter, one of my co-workers brought in greens.

They were DELICIOUS!

So, I asked for them for lunch today. (Because I’m funny. Or a punk. Whichever.)

And this sparked a discussion on all kinds of soul food. Which, of course, made everyone hungry for it.

So, my boss decided to have a soul food pot luck for me next week, as it will be my last day. [I got a new job.]

Okay, but we still have to decide on what we are having for lunch TODAY… [I, of course, asked, “What? You mean we eat more than once a week?”]

Since everyone was now hungry for soul food, my boss asks if we want to order from Sachels BBQ.

I reply, “I thought soul food was next week… :)”
Boss: “Oh. I eat it a lot. (Big girl syndrome) Comfort food junkie”
Co-worker: “The more soul food you eat, the bigger your soul becomes.”
Me: “I have a small soul?!”

CLEARLY, this is now a problem. Which must be remedied.

So, I *immediately* — just like St. Mark — text my priest: “Just been told my soul is tiny. It’s apparently related to “soul food” in some way. So, when are you cooking me dinner?”


I’m still waiting on a reply.

Me and my poor, tiny soul.