Daily Archives: October 27, 2013


Today, because I was running a little late for the 10:15 am Mass at St. Anastasia and didn’t want to miss part of the liturgy, I went to Guardian Angels for the 11 am Mass. While I didn’t feel particularly welcomed by the people or priest there, I did feel the presence of God and was able to really enter into worship during Mass.

The priest had a few really good analogies during his homily, but the one that stood out for me was when he was talking about justification, and how it’s not something that we can earn.

Think of a typist justifying the margins of a document. This has nothing to do with the document. It is all the work of the typist.

So, too, is our justification not a work of our own, but a work of God. He is the one who justifies us.

Later in the homily, he gave us another great piece of advice to keep in mind and reflect upon: Cultivate a posture of bowing low before the Lord.

(At least, I think it was from this homily. It’s possible I got this from a letter by Fr. Clement in OLGC’s bulletin or somewhere else. I’m transcribing these into my blog from a tiny sticky note, and it’s hard to tell if it was a separate instance or all part of the same. My apologies if I have attributed it to the wrong person!)