Lives of the Saints in 140 Characters

I have to say, I’m quite enjoying myself today. I have been working on filling the Twitter queue for the Firestarters, so that we have messages going out more routinely. I have been sending out the Mass readings on Saturday, but I was thinking of what else I could do.

As usual, I look to what I need in *my* life for inspiration.

And, I don’t really have a great relationship with the saints. I don’t know too many of them.

So, perhaps a Saint of the Day tweet would be welcome to others, as well.

While queueing up these tweets, I found some great stories! Many of these saints are truly interesting! (Duh, right? But I was surprised nonetheless.)

But then I was faced with another problem… How do you condense their lives into 140 characters or less???? 🙂

So far, I have saints lined up through the end of November. If you are so inclined, please follow us @FirestartersStA!

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