Happy Birthday to Me! {Part 2}


Birthday Evening
After work, I headed over to Pizza Papalis. The Church was throwing a fundraiser for the teen program, BASIC, and Lindsay’s birthday present to me was to buy me dinner! 🙂 By the time I arrived, they had a table and delicious garlic cheesy bread was already served. We also had awesome deep-dish pizza (spinach, chicken, feta and olives), and a deep-dish brownie sundae! Yum!

I also got to spend time with Gabby (my Squishie) and opened more presents! Gabby got me a gift card to Starbucks (so that I’ll have energy for chasing her around) and Lindsay got me some much needed lotion, lip gloss and bath gel — all in tropical scents (reminiscent of our trip to Jamaica and in defiance of the stupid cold weather).

I didn’t get home until late, but I went to bed feeling happy and loved. 🙂

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