Daily Archives: January 8, 2014


It’s wintertime, with lots of people getting sick. Which makes me wonder…

Do you think Jesus and/or Mary ever got sick with the flu or the common cold?

I’m thinking: Jesus yes, Mary no.

Here’s my reasoning: Jesus became flesh for us; He was circumcised, writing the covenant into His flesh for us; was baptized by John for us. Although He didn’t have to, He experienced a thoroughly human experience for us. Why wouldn’t this include experience of common human illnesses?

As for Mary, if God applied Jesus’s work on the cross preemptively to Mary at the time of her conception so that she would be born without original sin and be filled with grace such that she never sinned in her lifetime, why wouldn’t He also protect her from illness? Plus, what son, if it were in his power, wouldn’t keep his mother healthy? And Jesus not only was the perfect son, but He also had the power to do so.

What are your thoughts?