Fake It ‘Til You Make It


As Catholics, we are taught that the human person is a body-soul mix. It’s always both, or it’s not a person. It’s not a soul living in a body, but the two are thoroughly enmeshed.

For this reason, what we do with our bodies matters. And so the things that we do with our bodies have spiritual implications. This is why sexual sins are always grave matter. This is also why we do things like genuflecting, kneeling, sitting, and standing at Mass. Posture has significance. Your body has meaning.

A book I read on prayer recently suggested that if you have a hard time praying, make yourself sit in front of a tabernacle or the exposed Eucharist for periods of time. Prayer will follow. If you have a hard time submitting yourself to the Lord, try putting yourself into a submissive position, like kneeling or laying prostrate. Your bodily position will have an affect on your emotional and spiritual state.

Which brings me to my Pondering of the Day…

If we intentionally smile when we are mad, sad, or feeling bad… Can we make ourselves feel better?

Worth trying, I think. 🙂

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