Daily Archives: March 18, 2014

A Special Trip

I heard that Kylie had painted a watercolor that was chosen to be displayed at the local library and decided that I’d make a special trip out to see it. It’s a great honor to be chosen, and I’m very proud of her.

I got a chance to drive out after work. The workers at the main desk did not know that children’s artwork was being displayed, but pointed me to one of the circulation desks in the youth section of the library. Art from the elementary and middle schools were displayed just beyond this desk.

This shot couldn’t fit all of the art. I love how colorful it is.

Here is Kylie’s watercolor:
Very beautiful. I hope her Mom or Dad frames it.

Congrats, Ky! You did a great job! I love you!

O God Beyond All Praising

I had a hymn running through my head for over 12 hours. And, sadly, it wasn’t one that I particularly enjoyed. So I texted Fr. Anonymous and asked him to recommend a better song, STAT! πŸ™‚ This was the one that he suggested:


O God beyond all praising,
we worship you today
and sing the love amazing
that songs cannot repay;
for we can only wonder
at every gift you send,
at blessings without number
and mercies without end:
we lift our hearts before you
and wait upon your word,
we honor and adore you,
our great and mighty Lord.

The flower of earthly splendor
in time must surely die,
its fragile bloom surrender
to you, the Lord most high;
but hidden from all nature
th’eternal seed is sown–
though small in mortal stature,
to heaven’s garden grown:
for Christ the man from heaven
from death has set us free,
and we through him are given
the final victory!

Then hear, O gracious Savior,
accept the love we bring,
that we who know your favor
may serve you as our king;
and whether our tomorrows
be filled with good or ill,
we’II triumph through our sorrows
and rise to bless you still:
to marvel at your beauty
and glory in your ways,
and make a joyful duty
our sacrifice of praise.

I found an acceptable rendition on YouTube, and downloaded a better version from Amazon Music.

What’s even better is that I think this hymn is one that is commonly sung at Chrism Mass! One of my favorite Masses! So, points and double-points for Fr. Anonymous, as this is perfect! πŸ™‚

[On a side note, a co-worker IM’ed me to say that the people one the phone were driving him crazy. I replied with the YouTube link and said, “This will help.”]

Destroy All the Wicked

I’m reading through the Psalms for Lent, and there are passages here that call for the utter destruction of one’s enemies. Some people have had a hard time reconciling this kind of destruction with an all-good God. Theories have been suggested that he was responding in this way due to the culture of the times.

But perhaps there’s another way to look at it…

Break the arms of the wicked and depraved; make them account for their crimes; let none of them survive. –Ps 10:15

Suppose God changes their hearts such that they aren’t wicked and depraved any longer. Wouldn’t that also be “destroying the wicked”? The “wicked and depraved” would no longer survive (although the reformed and repentant person/people would).

One, Two, Skip a Few…

This seems to describe my best intentions when it comes to my spiritual life. Okay. Really, my life in general. I find it so hard to hold to something that I will do every single day. I suppose if I had a habit of checking my calendar and to-do list every night before I went to bed, I might plan my time better throughout the day. I’ll make that my Lenten Challenge of the Day.

I have my Bible on me, so yay! Jenn: 1
I was supposed to start praying the Rosary (at least a decade) yesterday, but didn’t. Jenn: -1
Lenten Boot Camp, I didn’t do the readings/tasks for 3/8, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15, 3/16, 3/17. Jenn: -9 Ouch!
Updating my blog, I’m behind on 3 posts. Jenn: -3

So, by my tally (which is completely arbitrary and meaningless), I have -12 points.
At least God is merciful. And I’m trying to emulate Him. So, I’ll allow myself permission to catch up, and that will be okay. πŸ™‚

Today’s Rosary has been prayed, for the sake of our candidates and catechumens who will be joining us at the Lord’s Banquet on Easter.

My constant Lenten sacrifice — No Starbucks — continues to go well. How is your Lent going so far?