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Getting Ready for 2015!

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions a bit this past week. I love fresh starts: New Year, First Day of School, Advent, Lent… and I love making plans for these new starts. But I find that I tend to lack the discipline to follow the plan all the way through. I think because it’s *my* plan and I’m only accountable to myself. I’m very good at rationalizing my way out of my own plans. I know what arguments will sway me.


What if this year I didn’t make any “Resolutions”? Sure, I’ll still make a few plans and try out new things, but…

I think I’ll accept challenges instead!

2011 Best Ranger Competition [Image 2 of 5]

I’m pretty competitive by nature and I like completing challenges. Plus, then I’m accountable to whoever gives me the challenge.

I’m up for it! Are you?

What challenges do you have for me for 2015?


UPDATED:  Critical Mass has been ported over to my Paroxysms of Giggles site.  The two blogs have now become one.  I am sorry for all the jumping around, but hopefully this will be a good solution all around.  Thank you for your patience!

This web site has been limited in ways since the beginning, and I’ve more or less dealt with it over the years. Recently, I noticed that ONLY ONE of the 9 different themes that are available to me are displaying the sidebar correctly, and the one that does is not letting me make it look the way I would like.

So it is with not a little sadness that I have mirrored this blog over to Please update your links and I hope to see you there!

P.S. I will keep this site open for a little while. I may return if conditions improve. But until then, all new content will be at the new site!

2nd Day of Advent

I know it’s already day 2 of Advent, but I’m still planning out how I will spend this time. I came across a good idea on a website, so starting today, I will be praying for the intentions of any person who sends me a Christmas card. Because we can all use prayer, right? 🙂 Join me in sending greetings to friends and loved ones and keeping them in prayer!