Geaux Wild – People: Cindy Guentert-Baldo

I love Cindy so much!  I didn’t know her extremely well online before coming to Geaux Wild, but I was thoroughly delighted to have met her in person.  She’s an amazingly genuine person, and integrity means a lot to me.  I enjoyed her Llama Lettering talk:  she gave us not only examples of different ways in which to letter, but she showed us how we can make baby step improvements to our natural handwriting in order to create fun lettering in a style which is entirely our own.  She did not make a big deal about her own talent, but let me tell you, her talent is considerable!  I love how fun everything looks.  I love even more how she owned every mistake that she made and admitted that certain letters were not her favorite to do.

Cindy is the type of person to be happy to see others succeed.  She was continually encouraging and praising everyone on their lettering efforts.  I doodled a quick sketch of my name during the practice time in her session and Isa took it over to Cindy, so she could see it.  The next time I ran into Cindy, I got a huge hug!  🙂


Which brings me to my next point:  Cindy gives great hugs.  🙂  I tend to be a huggy person, but I  also tend to hold back a little bit because I don’t want to make non-huggy people uncomfortable.  Cindy goes for it and you can tell that it’s because she truly has affection for you.

Point #2390830498:  I think Cindy genuinely has affection for us all.  And that’s a reflection of her heart.  Which is an amazing heart.  She pulls all of this off with an infectious positivity which is refreshing and contagious.

For all of these reasons, Cindy was definitely a favorite of mine to meet this weekend.  (And I’m sad that I didn’t get a single picture, either of her or with her.)

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