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My First Baseball Game!

There are still quite a few “first” experiences for me to have, but tonight, I was able to cross “Go to a Tiger’s Baseball Game” off the list!

Fr. Jim invited me to an event for young adults from St. Anastasia where we would all meet at the rectory at 5 pm for a barbecue, then carpool to Comerica Park to see the Detroit Tigers play against the Kansas City Royals.

It was beautiful weather for both a barbecue and a ball game! We had grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, chips, soda, and cookies.

Our Grill Master

We had a really good turn-out; I didn’t get a count of how many of us were there, but somewhere around 30 young adults. For a Tuesday evening, that’s pretty good!




#StAnastasia #youngadults #BBQ

There was another tiny Tigers fan present, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to come see the game with us.

My First View of Comerica Park





Perfect night for a ball game! #Tigers #StAnastasia #youngadults


Seventh Inning Stretch – Where we all got to dance and sing!

Pam and I, upon seeing that we were losing and unlikely to be able to recover

We ended up losing to the Royals 5-1, but I enjoyed watching the game. πŸ™‚

Young Adults of St. A's at the Tigers Game!
Our group shot! If you count, there’s about FIFTY of us here!

It was such a fun night! You couldn’t ask for better weather, or better friends with which to watch the game!

Sometimes Mockery is a Public Service

I fully admit to being influenced by teenage boys in my formative years. And I definitely believe that somethings are Guy Things and some things are Girl Things.

Enter example from this week:

Scenario: 3 guys and myself watching TV. At the end of the night, one guy has left, so it’s me and the remaining 2 guys. There is a question about the rules of baseball which were displayed in the episode we watched. I find myself having to explain the difference between a ball and a strike.


Then, I think…


Shouldn’t they know this stuff? Didn’t they have to pass a test in order to pass puberty? I’m pretty sure it’s required.

So, I immediately called them on this fact.

Why am I, a GIRL, explaining this stuff to, not one, but TWO GUYS?!?

But, before you think I am all mean and uncharitable, I submit that perhaps it was a public service. I was calling them to be better men. And I was remarkably restrained in my mockery.

Especially given the fact that my mockery instinct had previously been provoked by this stunning display of a “tackle” on the September Chapel Chat AKA Exhibit #1: Please watch to the end…

Detroit Pistons Game!

I impulsively jumped on a contest sponsored by my friend and dentist, Dr. Greg Elliott and won tickets to a basketball game on Friday, Jan. 4th. The Detroit Pistons were playing the Atlanta Hawks.

I invited along my friend, Sandra, and we headed to the Palace after work from Ann Arbor. We got pretty good parking and the door that we entered was *right by* our section! We couldn’t have asked for anything better! Our seats were right on the aisle, too! 4th row in the second tier. πŸ™‚ We could see everything.

Even more impressive, to Sandra, was the fact that it was Star Wars night, and we got to see Storm Troopers everywhere! πŸ™‚ She even had her picture taken with one:

I don’t like the way this guy is pointing his gun at me…

We arrived in time to get snacks: popcorn, pretzels and soda. The popcorn and soda were bottomless, but, alas, we did not make it past the first serving.

R2D2 looks on as one of the Hawks stretches out in the middle of the court:

When our guys were announced, they got the cool lighting! πŸ™‚

On the back of the program, there were different things that you could text in to try and win things throughout the game — to make it a little more interactive. The first one was to predict who would win the tip off:

I didn’t get an entry in this one. The wrong team got the ball.

I was pretty surprised with how many times the game was interrupted when it was not a time-out or break in the game. Perhaps they were for commercial breaks…? The plus side, was that we got to see a lot of side acts and dance routines.

At one point, they showed a video of one of the players light-saber dueling with Hooper in the locker room:

At one end of the court, there was a board displaying tweets sent to @detroitpistons. I tried all night to get my tweet up there. FAILED. Not sure why; I used all the right hashtags and stuff.

Some action shots:



“Detroit Basketball” in Star Wars font:

Okay, I think we both know that this post is already a glut of photos. Why not add to it? πŸ™‚



SWOOSH! 2 points for Detroit!


It was so funny… This Atlanta player looks either scared or bewildered in every picture I took of him. πŸ™‚




We must have brought our luck to the game, as Detroit won! πŸ™‚

Rollerskating with St. Anastasia

For our end-of-the-year Religious Education celebration, we rented out Skate World! I had wanted to go skating for quite a while and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go.

It was a lot of fun to be skating with the kids and other members of the parish.

Both Fr. Eric and Fr. JJ showed up (and showed us up!) at the rink.

Fr. JJ out on the skating floor!DSCN2170

Fr. JJ claimed to not have been skating in quite a while, yet he was more than comfortable out there. Fr. Eric zoomed around the rink with ease, forwards and backwards, weaving in and out of little children. Towards the end of the night, I tried for my former practice of picking the fastest hot shot out there and passing him, but was unsuccessful — because I feared taking one of the kids out. πŸ™‚ As far as the kids go, both Fr. Eric and Fr. JJ helped the kids with their skating throughout the night. Or was it the kids holding them up??? πŸ˜‰

Fr. Eric and Fr. JJ each have a flock of kids to hold them up!

As for me, the first few laps were extremely painful and I had horrible foot cramps. But, thank God, these subsided and I was able to skate the rest of the evening (we were there for 2 hours) with only (mainly quadricep) muscle fatigue to deal with. Close to the end, Fr. JJ got this great idea for us to (in skates) pose for a picture while standing on one foot.

Fr. JJ and I, on skates, on one foot...

Do not worry! Neither one of us fell! At least at this time. Earlier, I was skating with Mya and she had crossed in front of me. I didn’t have time to correct her and we both went down. I was able to catch her as we fell, so she didn’t hit the floor. I had a hard time getting back to my feet again and fell a second time, before Dave helped me up. πŸ™‚ I was pleasantly surprised that neither fall really hurt. So much for my falling fear, eh? πŸ™‚

RCIA Volleyball 2012

After receiving the Easter sacraments, the RCIA group felt sufficiently full of grace to attempt a group sporting event. So, we booked the parish gym and set up for a game of volleyball. After all, nothing says “Catholic!” like a rousing bit of competition, right? πŸ™‚



I loved it! I really miss playing sports. So, even though I got rather tachycardic, broke a blood vessel on the anterior base of my finger, and bruised my thumb, I had a blast!

Here’s Fr. Eric bouncing off the wall:

I didn’t want the playing to end! But, alas, we had set an end time and arranged to have pizza afterward. Instead of meeting at The Gathering Place, we went over a fellow parishioner’s house and partied there until midnight or so. πŸ™‚

We had wine, beer, pizza, cookies, cheese & crackers — all kinds of goodies! We watched the game, talked, played pool and Scattergories. Here’s one of the teams — note Fr. Eric’s game face:



Another team, trying to scare us off!

And two of my besties. Oh yes, they are ready for marriage!

Preists vs. Seminarians Basketball Game 2011

Due to the timing of the game, the crowd was a little less than it had been in previous years, but we still had a fun time watching the Priests play the Seminarians in the annual Sr. Mary Finn Classic. πŸ™‚

I arrived early wearing my inflammatory T-shirt. (“Sacerdotes delent! Scholares modo velint!” which translated is supposed to mean something like, “Priests dominate! Seminarians [students] only hope to!”)

The Priests:
The Seminarians:

Opening Tip-off:

Player #24 is our very own Fr. Mark Prill:
Is this soccer or basketball? - dscn0199
He did a great job of controlling the center court and observing some of the unorthodox soccer moves which were being displayed. πŸ˜›

There were many, many fouls called…particularly on the Priests…so we got to see a lot of photos like this:

Some photos of athleticism in action:

At halftime, the evening’s emcee, seminarian Jim Houbeck, spent some time razzing Fr. Mark and even interviewed his parents! πŸ™‚

At which point, Fr. Mark stole the mike and said some words of self defense:

Next, came the tricksy part of the evening. Due to a … scoring deficiency … despite creative scorekeeping efforts … the priests decided to call some seminarians to defect to their side. The new team, with the addition of the 2 deacons, was renamed the Clerics. Here’s the photo evidence of one of the defectors;


At one point, we even tied the game!
Tied score! - dscn0389

The question arose whether it was licit for the Priests to steal team members from the other side.
Dr. Ed Peters - dscn0396
Dr. Peters ruled in favor of the Priests. πŸ™‚

Final score:

Final prayer:

After the game, Fr. Mark had me lead people up to the bar since “I knew the way.” Well, I found my way into the occupied locker room! I knew one of the doors lead to a stairway…I just picked the wrong one! We did eventually find our way up there.

Shortly thereafter, Jim gave us a tour of the seminary.


St. Thérèse of Lisieux:
St. Therese of Lisieux - dscn0441


Along the way, Jim quizzed us. If we got a question wrong, we owed him 3 Hail Marys. I was not allowed to participate, since I go to school at the Seminary.

We made it back to the bar and hung out for a bit.
Lindsay and Erwin - dscn0459dscn0461
The anticipated pizza never arrived, so we concluded the evening by heading out to the Green Lantern for our evening meal.

And much fun was had by all.
The End. πŸ™‚