RCIA Volleyball 2012

After receiving the Easter sacraments, the RCIA group felt sufficiently full of grace to attempt a group sporting event. So, we booked the parish gym and set up for a game of volleyball. After all, nothing says “Catholic!” like a rousing bit of competition, right? 🙂



I loved it! I really miss playing sports. So, even though I got rather tachycardic, broke a blood vessel on the anterior base of my finger, and bruised my thumb, I had a blast!

Here’s Fr. Eric bouncing off the wall:

I didn’t want the playing to end! But, alas, we had set an end time and arranged to have pizza afterward. Instead of meeting at The Gathering Place, we went over a fellow parishioner’s house and partied there until midnight or so. 🙂

We had wine, beer, pizza, cookies, cheese & crackers — all kinds of goodies! We watched the game, talked, played pool and Scattergories. Here’s one of the teams — note Fr. Eric’s game face:



Another team, trying to scare us off!

And two of my besties. Oh yes, they are ready for marriage!

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