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PFI #6

6. The Basis for Analogy according to Thomas Aquinas

In order to develop a positive theology of God, we must appeal to analogy (a dissimilar similarity).  God can only be understood by analogy to His creatures.  Because we have an asymmetrical causal relationship to God, there cannot be a perfect understanding of Him, but only an analogous relationship.  Any perfection found in us is found in God in a preeminent and unified fashion.  Even with analogy, we still don’t know what God is.

TFI #3

3.  [What are] the limits of our knowledge of God?

We can really only make analogies to describe God.  Eventually, all analogies will fall short because God is infinite and no single formula can encompass all that He is.  He is far beyond our imaginings.  Whatever method we use to describe God will ultimately tell us more of what we do not know about God than of what we do know about God.