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PFI #8

8. The Meaning of “Creation”

According to St. Thomas, ‘creation’ is to make out of nothing.  We can never create, because it requires an infinite being to cross from non-being into being.  Creation itself is not a change; it must be whole and instantaneous.  Because God is pure act, there is only one eternal act of creation.

Theological Foundations I: Midterm Exam Review: #1

Okay, don’t freak, but there is no way I am going to have the title of these be that long after this post! 🙂 If you get a “TFI #2,” you’ll be lucky…. 🙂

For the purposes of anyone who may wish to visit my blog, I will post the question for review, then attempt to answer it. Please, please, chime in and start a discussion, by which we can all grow in our understanding. 🙂

Disclaimer: The questions are from a study sheet provided by our professor, and is NOT a take-home test, so do not worry about any possible moral/ethical questions of collusion.  It is perfectly legit to help a seminary student study.  🙂

1.  What are the proofs for the existence of God we spoke of in class?

There are two proofs for the existence of God:  creation and the human person.  By examining these two in the light of human reason, we can come to know with certainty that God exists.