EMG Marked Forearm

Originally uploaded by CadyLy

So, after several months of progressive, intermittent episodes of paralysis of my wrist/forearm, I get sent to Ortho, which does not appreciate any obvious mechanical defect, and who sends me to have an EMG.

EMG = electromyogram AKA they will electrocute you and see how you respond to that. 🙂

Before the procedure, I get some opinions of the test:
Doctor 1: “Oh, they just use really little skin needles, you’ll be fine.”
Nurse 1: “Are you kidding? I took my husband in for one a month and a half ago, and he cried.”
Nurse 2: Made fish flopping out of water motions at my zapping. Quite amusing, thanks. 🙂
Check-in girl at EMG: “Well, have you ever stuck your finger into a light socket? No? Well, if you’ve ever given birth — if you’ve survived that pain, you’ll survive this. *pause* Don’t worry, most people psyche themselves up for it to be really bad, then say it’s not as bad as they thought.”

Just before testing started:
EMG doctor: “So, what have you heard about the test?”
Me: “That you use tazers and cattle prods?”
EMG doc: “Exactly!”

(To be continued…)

At the end of my testing period, he didn’t have a clear explanation for my symptoms. Basically, my nerves and muscles appeared to be healthy and undamaged, which is good. However, the underlying cause could be a problem with my spinal cord or my brain — both of which sound like excellent options. 🙂

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