Okay.  It’s hot and humid.  It could be worse, really, but it’s not great to sleep in, especially since my house gets really warm at night and there’s not great ventilation in my bedroom.

I already tried sleeping outside on the trampoline, which would have been an acceptable solution, except that all the bugs in the Metro Detroit area got the memo that I was outside, unguarded and tasty.  Drat!

 Go back inside.  Now, not only am I tired, but I’m in problem-solving mode, which means that I will beat my head upside the issue until I get a reasonable (to me) resolution — or die trying.

All right.  I have a window-unit air conditioner in the garage.  I’ll just install that…right now…by myself.

Done.  Now to plug it in  — drat, again!  I can’t find the adapter that converts my 2-prong receptacle to fit the 3-prong plug on the AC unit.  Are you kidding me?

Okay, okay.  I’ll drive up to Meijer’s (since Home Depot’s not open 24 hours) and buy another adapter.  Whatever.  I’m going to win and I’m going to have air conditioning tonight so I can finally go to bed.

Go to Meijer’s.  Well, they are not Home Depot — let me tell ya.  I find almost every conceivable electrical plug thing that I could possibly be looking for except the one that I need.  Seriously?  Come on, now.  I even see if there’s ones that I could make work, or extension cords that would do the trick — nope.  Drat x 3.

Now what?

They *DO* have 3-prong receptacles.  I *COULD* just rewire my bedroom at 1 am.  So….  That’s what I’m about to do.  Hopefully, I will be able to find the correct circuit breaker in the panel to tag out the outlet (my house is *not* wired logically when it comes to the circuit breakers, just so you know).  And, since I don’t have a proper voltmeter or outlet tester (probably should have picked one up while I was at Meijer’s — they had one of *those*), I will be using my back-up method for determining if the outlet is “hot” — plugging in my little fan.  If the fan turns off when I trip the circuit breaker, I’m assuming that means that the power is off.  See what happens when a Nuke gets frustrated?

So, if I get electrocuted tonight, you all will know that it’s because I couldn’t wait the 7 hours or whatever it is until Home Depot opens up.

Reminds me of my first adventure with electrical sockets, as told to me by Mom:

I must have been about a year old or so.  I found the electrical socket and thought that it would be a great idea to stick my finger in there.  My mom watched me and wanted to teach me that sticking my fingers in electrical sockets is a bad thing, since I probably would come across another one in the future and she might not be watching me so close (plus, I’m the terror of child-proofing — apparently, I could defeat anything they tried, so they eventually gave up).  So, as I was about to stick my finger in there, Mom smacked my hand.  Apparently, I was irritated that she was thwarting my efforts, gave her a dirty look, and went to jab my finger into the socket again.  She smacked me again.  This cycle repeated, with me getting more and more angry at her, giving her increasingly dirty looks and trying harder to poke my finger in and her smacking my hand harder, trying to teach her stubborn daughter not to try and do this.  My mom started to get upset, because she was having to keep smacking me and I was too focused on doing this that I wasn’t learning what she wanted me to learn (that sticking your fingers in electrical sockets was bad).  Finally, I got so disgusted with her, that I gave up.  And she had to explain to my dad why their baby had huge red welts on her hand.

She was so happy that my brother was a much more agreeable child.  She smacked his hand once, he looked at her in surprise and hurt that she would smack him, burst into tears and never touched the outlet again.  I think this was what she had hoped for with me.  Sorry, Mom.  🙂

I’m going to go play with the socket now….  🙂  Oh, yeah, and just to irritate me more…it just started raining.  I mean pouring.  So, I probably won’t even need the air conditioning in a few minutes.  *sighs*

Update: Well, the screws holding the receptacle to the box were probably older than I am, so I tried again this morning.

New Electrical Socket

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