Pilgrim Update

G’day Everyone!
Pilgrims have made it to Australia!  Everyone is having a great time!  We got a bus tour of Sydney and got to take pictures by the Sydney Opera House and bridge on the first day, played in the ocean at Bondi Beach and tried the fish and chips.  Yum!  Today, Day 2? 3? Tuesday evening, we went to Opening Mass and met lots of people from all over the globe.  It was quite fun.  Of course, I was the designated person to go up and ask what country they were….

Due to technical difficulties (apparently, I have voice-only here after all), I do not have internet access as planned — so updates may be more sporadic, but I am working on it….  🙂  If nothing else, we will have photos up when we return.

Praying for you!
Pilgrims Down Under

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