Just in Case You Needed a Suggestion…

I know all of you are agonizing what to get me for Veteran’s Day.  I thought that I would give a suggestion, so you won’t have to wander the store for hours in indecision.  🙂

A new monitor for my computer.  I find myself stuck.  I want to post the rest of my World Youth Day photos, but I need to color correct the majority of them.  However, my current — and really old — CRT monitor is already cranked up to 100% brightness and 100% contrast, and it still shows everything as really dark.  So when I go to correct my photos at home, any person looking at them on another computer gets blinded and wonders why this girl always takes high-key, blown out pics.  And I am so anal, that this really disturbs me.  So, I don’t want to correct while it is all messed up.  Yet, alas, I do not have the funds to get a new monitor right now.  You see my dilemma.

Just in case you needed a Veteran’s Day present suggestion….  A new LCD monitor would be great.  🙂

Go Navy!!

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