Mistakes are Funny

I love my friends for many reasons. One of my very good friends has an awesome sense of humor and frequently makes me grin for hours thinking of our back-and-forth banter.

I usually get him and his housemates candy for Halloween. Since I can’t expect them to be any good at sharing… [I once brought a dozen donuts for the guys to share and gave them to my friend. He said, “Oh! 11 for me, and the other guys can split the remaining one!”] …I get them each their own plastic pumpkin filled with goodies.

And I spend hours — really, hours — separating all the candy into each pumpkin. Making sure that each guy gets exactly the same number of each candy as the other guys. Even down to color. Wouldn’t want there to be any fights because someone got 11 red and 9 yellow candies and someone else got 9 red and 11 yellow candies.

Because, obviously, they would be all fighting and pouting, or whatever. And we can’t have that.

But this year, I decided to offer a choice.

Me: And do you guys want tricks… or treats?
Him: Trucks

Clearly, this was just an autotext fail. Clearly. But it made me laugh for about 10 minutes straight. πŸ™‚

Me: Dump trucks? Pick up trucks? LOL!
Him: Yes


I can do trucks. πŸ™‚ Watch me…. πŸ™‚

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