Random Acts of Graffiti

Temptation finds you where you least expect it sometimes.

I went to Stations of the Cross after work today. After, I walked back to my car, parked in the small lot by the Day Chapel. While I was sitting there, as the few remaining people left, I saw in front of me the soccer field with it’s pristine blanket of snow.

Suddenly, I knew that I couldn’t leave the snow all perfect and unmolested. But to do something, I’d have to climb over the thigh-high ridge of snow created by the snowplow and wade around in knee-deep snow. Worth it, but I wanted to wait until everyone else left. It’s hard to be the crazy woman sometimes. So, I sat there in my car, lurking in the parking lot — not too much better.

Finally, the parking lot was empty. I had decided to “write” something in the snow with my footprints.

Wouldn’t you know…

I didn’t even get the first letter completed, when FATHER pulls into the parking lot. WHAT?!?! What is he doing here now? I am trying to cause mischief here! So, I walk closer to my car, kinda sorta “hiding” behind it. He goes into the church. Okay. Great. I go to resume my “writing”.

But wait!

He comes back out! Argh! I guess he forgot something in his car. He goes back in. I quickly finish my project. I’m barely able to breathe and in a lot of pain (stupid MELAS), and can’t get back over the ridge to the parking lot without crawling. Then, I’m having trouble breathing and dizzy, so… water. Water sounds great. I walk back into the church, headed for the drinking fountains. I run into Father in the hall, in vestments. I’m not sure what he’s doing, but he goes into the Adoration chapel.

I get my water, go back to my car and head home. It’s still another 30-45 minutes before I can breathe normally, because my exercise tolerance of late is horrible. Once I can breathe, I text Father, “Did you see it?!” He did. (And now can you…)

"Jesus" written in the snow

See? Jesus can make even snow better! 🙂

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