Lent: Day 4

I made plans to spend part of today at church interceding for needs of the parish; however, my plans went the way of mice and men. I needed to take my car in for an oil change, and was pretty excited about it, as it was finally warm enough that the dealership would run the car through the car wash before giving it back. It’s been so cold for so long, my black car had turned grey with all the salt.

It was a long time at the dealership, over 2 hours. Normally, the waiting room is loud and irritating with the constant drone of the TV, but I just sat there, reading the book I had brought and it ended up passing fairly quickly — I didn’t get irritated at all! Grace of God, right there!

I left and didn’t have enough time for an hour’s worth of intercessory prayer, so I just headed in to work. Stopping first to get some Jimmy John’s, since I was *starving*. But we were a little busy at work, so I didn’t get to eat my lunch until a few hours later. It was delicious, though. Thank you, Jesus, for the sandwich. I really appreciated it.

My Lenten “thing” of the day: Vance and I re-organized my desk at work. We got rid of unnecessary items, rewired things and did a bunch of cord control. We cleaned the cube thoroughly — which it *really* needed — and in the end, there was about twice as much desk space for my cube mate. So, she benefited from the cleaning more than I did.

Clean Cube

Got off work late, got home after 11 pm, had dinner, went to bed. I didn’t do my reading for today, so I’ll catch up on that later in the week.

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