WHAT IS IT??!?!?!?!

WHAT IS IT??!?!?!?!
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 This may say a lot about me.  I am getting ready to go to bed, since I have to get up freakishly early in the morning (even for me, who normally sets the alarm for 4:30 am).  I step out of my bedroom for a minute and happen to catch site of this…is it a bug?  On the door.

Eyes get huge.  What is the first thing I do?

Grab my camera.

That’s right, folks.  I need a picture of this sucker.  Because if it manages to kill me, at least someone will be able to download my picture and see the culprit.

 I come back with the camera — and he’s gone!  Aaaahhh!  Monster bug on the loose!!  Oh no!  Oh no!  Panic sets in.

Then, I see him running across the floor.  Aaaaahhhhh!  He’s faster than a cockroach — and *those* suckers can move!  Finally, he ends up on the wall in the living room.  I swap the camera for the Lysol/Windex.  He’s too fast to risk having him on the loose where he might decide to eat me.

I squirt him repeatedly.  He seems to not move for a little while.  Oh, good.  This stuff can kill cockroaches, but sometimes it takes a bit of time.  THEN….  HE STARTS MOVING!  Like a bad horror flick, the monster has come back to life — and just when you were beginning to catch your breath.

He runs again and for a moment I have lost him.  Oh, no.  Oh, no.  In my head, I am screaming.  I pull out the couch, trying to see if he escaped under there.

 Finally, I catch up to him on the wall again.  Thank You, Jesus, for Niki, who kept an eye on the Evil Bug and let me know where he was lurking.  I am so glad that I bought new shoes recently, because I could grab my *old* shoe and crack the sucker with it.  I may have dented the wall…but I wanted to make certain that the little beastie was dead.

So, now the bug guts are in the trash.  I have been sanitized.  And, the couch is back where it should be.  And it’s time again for me to try and go to bed.  I’m almost over my panic.  Not quite, so don’t sneak up on me just yet.

Have a good night!  And please pray for me that he doesn’t have any relatives!

What was that thing???

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