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Reading Already!

Reading Already!

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This is how I spent my evening yesterday after work. I met up with Sandra and Kylie at Barnes and Noble. After chasing Kylie around the store (with Sandra yelling at her not to run, while I egged her on), spent hours in the Religion section trying, and failing, not to buy another book when I already have too many to read, we sat down in the children’s section, where Ky proceeded to sit in the “teacher’s chair” and read to me.

I’m so glad she’s a book lover! 🙂

What was the book that I couldn’t leave the store without? (Because I know you are dying to know….)

“The Story of a Soul,” by St. Thérèse of Lisieux.
Bought by the recommendation of Fr. Mark. (Well, okay, he said something about St. Thérèse, and there were tons of books about her, so I hope I picked the right one.)

Since I am the Master of the Unfinished Book (I have like 15 books that I am “in the middle of”), I proceeded to ignore the 3 books staring at me with their bookmarks, and left them to sulk while I dove into this latest acquisition. I made it to page 56 before going to bed.

This morning, I had to make the difficult decision of what to bring with me to work. After work today, I am going to do a bit of consulting, so I will not be home until fairly late. My tote bag is already nearly busting at the seams with my Bible, catechism, Adventures of Matthew binder, colored pencils, and TOBBOTD (Theology of the Body Book of the Day), and I made the sacrifice of not taking my newest treasure with me, in the interests of (1) keeping it safe, (2) actually working on finishing the TOBBOTD, which happens to be a GROSSLY overdue library book from the parish library, and (3) keeping my bag from bursting.

Oh, St. Thérèse book, I miss you! I will see you when I get home tonight! 🙂