The Only Good Thing About the Cooler Weather…

… is the pretty fall colors on the trees.  After that, I am all for skipping ahead to spring.  Okay, okay, maybe one or two days of snow, but that’s it!

Look at how cute everything is!:


And, of course, because you are all clamoring for another picture of me, I will feed my narcissism grant your request:


Enjoy!  🙂

Priesthood Sunday!!!!!

This is one of my favorite days!  🙂

Please bless my amazing priests. May they always faithfully proclaim the Gospel, help people to grow in charity and love, defend Truth, and seek You. May they always find encouragement, strength and love when they are in need. Please allow them to know and feel Your love of them and know of the love, admiration, respect and support that their sheep have for them.

Since my blog, I don’t think, supports embedding video — I will post a link here to a wonderful clip of a trio of priests singing Ave Maria. I want a copy of the CD/DVD! If any of you find out there’s one out there, let me know!  Special thanks to AmP for sharing!  If AmP isn’t already on your favorites list, he should be!