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A String of Recent Unrelated Thoughts from the Mind of Jaibee (Also Known as “Catching Up”)

Yeah, yeah, long title. Deal. 🙂 I just didn’t want to have a billion blog postings, so I am going to squish a bunch in here. 🙂

While I loathe the coming of the coldness, I like watching the leaves turn colors. So, I will get a couple of photos of the leaves every year, but not too many, since my poor Floridian blood just can’t take it to be outside for too long. 🙂 For your viewing pleasure in the warmth and comfort of your ?desk, I bring you:
Fall Colors -- DSCN4980 and DSCN4979

Last week (see how behind I am?), I took a few photos of our church, as they have recently redone an area in front between the main church entrance and the entrance to the pastoral center. I think technically, they are two “reflection gardens,” one for Mary and the other for the unborn/victims of abortion. Very pretty. I like how this turned out:

And since I have a tendency of airing out my dirty laundry anyway, you might as well take a peek at the task I had before me last weekend. Just don’t get too excited, while I *did* do all 5 loads, I haven’t yet managed to put them away quite yet, but I *did* manage to fold them yesterday, and they are currently sitting in my bedroom in neat little stacks.

Now, I am not a fan of bugs in general. They usually creep me out. But, when I came home late on Friday, I saw this guy at my back door, and decided to leave him there, since — obviously — he was praying for me. And I can use all the prayers that I can get right now. He graced me with his presence until the following day, when I could photograph him. Shortly after I took his picture, I came outside again and he was gone — just like that.

Final topic: here’s a picture of my bed (now, don’t get all excited, I’m not inviting you in):
We got this comforter as a wedding present, so now that it has outlasted the marriage, it is showing signs of wear:
So, I finally broke down and bought myself a new comforter, because I didn’t think that the old one would stand up to another go in the washing machine:
See how amazingly, uncharacteristically girly it is? But, it makes me smile in it’s optimistic, girly way.

Dear Diary,

So, I totally ripped off this idea from Sarah’s blog.  If you haven’t checked her out yet, please do! She’s full of awesomeness.

Every so often, she will write an excerpt from a diary.  So, I happened to run across my childhood diary, and here you go!:

Sunday, Dec. 17, 1989
Today is my birthday, 12 years today. I got 2 board games. Sweet Valley High and Life, an outfit from Marilyn spandex cotton pants and a cotton shirt that comes to my knees. [Oh boy, yes, I was always a wardrobe malfunction.] I got the board games from Mom, Dad and Clint [my brother].  This diary set from Jim and Carol, a pair of gloves from Grandma, a set of Sweet Valley Twins books, a set of Sweet Valley High books from Grandaddy. [Not that we see a theme here, or anything!]  A Christmas ornament and ring, also from Jim and Carol.

As we can tell, I am all about the listing of things.  Must.  Document.  Everything.  🙂  Well, so that hasn’t really changed.  Now, I just also do it photographically.  🙂

Monday, Dec. 18, 1989
Today was pretty normal, in 2nd hour Kory Kettlehut’s sister Cameron talked to us about drugs, and in 7th hour, Jeremy Epple was chasing Aaron Starr around it was funny.  [Did I ever have the crush on Aaron Starr!]

Tuesday, Dec. 19, 1989
Today, Mr. Koehn [advanced math teacher] gave us a test afterwards he threw some rubber bands around, soon every one was doing that and paper + eraser also. Tommorrow we’re going to get him back and I’m going to be the rubber band supplier. [Oh the trouble I was!]

Friday, Dec. 22, 1989
Today me and Clint were playing and I went into his room. He got all mad and kicked and punched me. We then got mad and I went to tell dad. But I didn’t because we had company and Clint was hanging on to me trying to be my best buddy.
[Ah, siblings.]

 Sunday, Dec. 24, 1989 [Picture of a sun, here]
Today’s Christmas Eve and these are the things I got… [Priorities, you know… :)]
Jim + Carol – a big unicorn box-trunk [still got it, it’s in the garage full of pictures]
Grandma + Granpa – a yellow turtleneck shirt [not a fan of turtlenecks, but I did wear this quite a bit in the winter, paired with jean shorts, because I was cool like that (note that I live in *Michigan*)]
Marilyn + Matt – red spandex pants + a top + a New Kids on the Block pin
Mikey – a teddy bear calander
[sic, for all of it, I’m leaving things as accurate as I can]
Diane, + family – a sweater black
Craig Cameron – a wooden horse

Dec. 25, 1989
Christmas Day!
I got
Santa – N.K.O.T.B., T-shirt a pink/melon robe, socks, scientific calculator for the Sats
Mom + Dad – calculator [another one??], nightie
Stocking – Necklace, Nail Polish, Bracelet, Hair Spray, Chess game, Candy, Combos, Almond Joy,
Clint – 10 color pen
Grandaddy – 4 C batteries, NKOTB Hanging tough tape, SVH Deadly Summer, Mancy Drew, Babysitter Club #6 + #22, Spell of sorcerer’s skull
[Reading and music – still some of my favorite things to do!]
Aunt Vivian – Earrings

Saturday, Dec. 30, 1989
Today we went to a birthday party for Marilyn
[her 40th]. We rented a hall at Freedom Hill with a DJ. It was fun, started at 7 pm ate at 8 pm ended around 12 am.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in the life of Jaibee. 🙂