Prayer Works!

Haha!  That was one of the last things said at the talk this evening.  🙂  It’s true, too!

Some of you might know the anxiety I was fighting with over today’s meeting.  I was trying really hard to just give over and trust in God, and in pockets, this did fairly well.  I wasn’t nearly as anxious as I usually would be.  I prayed all day (well, most of the week, but especially last night and today) to our Lord, God the Father and our Lady, I think maybe St. Michael, too, because he was mentioned last night.

I prayed about 50 psalms, too.  [I’m reading my way through the psalms at the moment.  I had to take a break from Leviticus, because it became apparent that I was in need of a bullock….  🙂  Not quite sure what Fr. will do when I bring in the mooing creature and ask that he butcher the poor thing for me (because I’m too squeamish and would feel way too bad for hurting this thing because of my sins) and then decorate the altar with its blood and burn the fat and stuff.  So….  Until I find a willing bullock….  Then again, maybe I should just stay away from the temple, because it’s also apparent that I should be presenting myself to Fr. for him to examine me for leprosy….  It’s just eczema!  Seriously!  No!  I do not need to be quarantined for 7 days!]

Back to the original train of thought.  My meeting came.  It went as I had hoped, and not as I had [uselessly] feared.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, Jesus.  Thank you, Mary.  Thank you, all who prayed for me.

On to the gratuitous extras.  🙂  After work, I went to the Catholicism for Cradle Catholics Continuing Catholicism for Adults (like how I renamed that?  I, not being a “cradle Catholic,” was feeling excluded, and “Catholicism for Cradle Catholics + Jenn” was a little long and cumbersome, and besides, I might not be the only “non-cradle Catholic” there…)  Anyways, so I go to the talk and soak it all up, as I do.  All too soon, it’s over.  😦 

NOW, really, for the gratuitous bit.  I know that I don’t have enough gas to get home.  But, I’m not at the pushing stage quite yet.  So, I decide to go into town and grab a hot chocolate from Starbucks (Oh, yum!) before grabbing some gas and heading home.  Last time that I had almost run out of gas in Plymouth, I made it to the gas station, and as I recall it was a Speedway, which is a good thing, because I have been budgeting and bought $200 in gas cards to Speedway, since there’s one by my house in Troy and one right by work in Ann Arbor, so I was safe at either end.  And the one in Plymouth.  When I got to Starbucks, the barista told me that my prepaid card didn’t quite have enough money on it for my drink, which was okay since I had a couple of bucks on me.  But as I was digging for it, he told me nevermind, my card somehow gave me a discount, which put me under by about 20 cents.  Bonus!

Okay, okay, on the the REAL gratuitousness.  I head down Sheldon (?) Rd. to the gas station.  I don’t have any money in my bank account, only the gas cards.  But that’s okay, because it’s a Speedway, right?  WRONG!!  Uh-oh.  Now, I’m at the intersection, looking at the gas station that I had been planning on going to, and sitting there in dismay because it’s a Mobil.  And my gas card won’t work there.  And I don’t have enough gas to get to the next closest Speedway that I know of.  Rats!  Just when I was beginning to become concerned, but before I actually do, God has me look over to my right.  And what do you know?

A Speedway!!!!!  Thank You!!!!!

And now, to ask God about Saturday, because those who know what’s going on, know that I’m loathe to go on Saturday.  I’m aching to run away and hide.  I’m scared and terrified for reasons I don’t really know why.  I’m scared to go and I’m scared to not go.  And I just may be stuck in my indecision.  So while I am hiding under my desk chewing my hair, I’m also praying that I will do the healthy thing (it’s really bizarre when you are praying against yourself like that).

Thanks for listening!  God Bless!

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